In today’s uncertain economy, even educational institutions are feeling the pressure. 

Amid rising education costs and increased expectations, funding continues to drop while tuition increases face stiff opposition.

Among the most critical challenges facing college administrators and regents is the capacity to change and the ability to respond to rapidly shifting demands. Primary and secondary systems are seeking new ways to meet the evolving expectations of parents, students, teachers and administrators. Higher education institutions face increased competition and the urgent need to reduce costs.

To ensure long-term viability, educational institutions must consider new strategies to implement structural and sustainable changes that reduce administrative costs, improve program efficiencies and optimize revenue.


With our extensive experience in both the education and private sectors, AVIT can help you gain new perspectives on your operations. Focusing on your goals, we can help you achieve high performance through creative strategies that quickly and successfully apply technology and effectively manage change.

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AVIT teams with institutions around the world to initiate design and deploy successful business and technology solutions that help them gain new efficiencies, competitive advantage and improved performance through a variety of individually tailored services. We help contain costs without compromising how you deliver high quality services and programs.

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Get connected to the latest thinking on trends and insights in the education industry from our respected thought leaders. From concept to creation, from aspiration to application, AVIT’s education professionals have an intimate knowledge of the challenges you face.